A Confetti Quilt?

Saturday I swung by a local sewing machine dealer (and subsequently a little quilt shop) the Charlton Sewing Center in Charlton MA to go “look” at sewing machines. I’d like to upgrade from my Brothers CS600i that I’ve had for 4 years to a new machine. My current machine’s throat is only 5″x4″ and it’s hard to move anything about in there for quilting. I got looking at a possible new machine, a couple of Pfaffs she showed me were quite nice but had to go home and sleep on the decision, not a decision I wanted to make lightly for that cost.

The shop is too cute in an renovated little old New England charming church with a working organ and an owner who plays it at times (really you can’t make this stuff up, I love it!) I spotted a pattern for a technique called confetti quilting that I thought was fascinating. I Googled it today to find out more information and found this video.

Some of the art quilting really isn’t my style but this is interesting. With the right design and the right color tones this could make some really beautiful wall hangings. I’m thinking on the beachy side of things like the sample I saw in the store. Though geometric designs might be an interesting thing to try with that technique too.

Great another thing I want to try!


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    I know how hard it can be to decide to upgrade your machine. I took the plunge a little over a year ago, but it was a big and scary decision at the time. Good luck deciding what will work best for you!