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Pinnable - Favorite Podcasts for Creative InspirationIt used to be bad TV that I kept on in the background when I’m making things but recently I’ve gotten back into podcasts.

A podcast is like radio on demand + audio blogging. I listen to things from the news to interviews with blogging professionals or people with successful creative careers. Many are posted on consistent schedules and back archives are usually available. If you’re new to podcasts and spend any time in the car or sewing you’ve got to give some of these a try.

I’m now a total podcast junkie and there’s a bunch of podcasts I wanted to share, if there’s a podcast I should add to my playlist please drop it in the comment so I can check it out!

While they’re all not creative specific they’re all great podcasts to get my mind going and really engage me while I’m driving, doing house work or creating.

My Go-To Podcasts & Daily Listens

The following are my primary podcasts and are almost always at the top of my queue every day.

Global News Podcast CoverGlobal News from BBC World Service
I listen to this podcast every week day morning on the way into work and occasionally on weekends. The BBC blows many of the other news outlets out of the water in my opinion.

Stuff You Missed in History Podcast CoverStuff You Missed in History Class from How Stuff Works
Just like the title stated they talk about things you probably didn’t learn in your history class. The hosts bring you through a 30 minute deep dive on a specific subject. I’ve listened back through their archives back to early 2012, I’m not a big history person but their presentation format and topics variety makes this a perfect bite size of history history for me.

Serial Podcast CoverSerial from This American Life (NPR)
This fascinating story was a journalist digging into a real life case that put a man in prison for life. It was fascinating how she explored both sides of the case very thoughtfully and with the most unbiased approach possible. An excellent listen and I can’t wait for season two!

TED Radio Hour Podcast CoverTED Radio Hour from NPR
I love me some TED talks and this is great driving background noise too. The host is great and I love how they do quick deep dives behind the topic of the TED talks with the speaker and combine similar themes in each hour long show.

While She Naps Podcast CoverWhile She Naps with Abby Glassenberg
I’m a big fan of Abby and everything she does. Maybe it’s cause I consider her a neighbor (we’re both in Massachusetts) and I kind-of want to stalk her and sit in her studio while she works and absorb all her knowledge. Did that sound creepy or dangerous? What if I offer to bring coffee?

How They Blog Podcast CoverThe How They Blog Podcast with Kat Lee
I’m a long time blogger (there were others before this blog) and with 10 years being involved in the blogosphere I’m really loving how much it’s grown and listening to these truly inspiring interviews filled with blogging tips and business ideas gets me really excited about blogging.
This podcast ended Oct 2014

A few more podcasts to note

There are a couple other new podcasts and podcasts I listen to less frequently that I thought would be a great addition to this list too.

This American Life Podcast CoverThis American Life from Chicago Public Media (NPR)
I like that this podcast doesn’t suck me in too deep cause through iTunes you can’t go through the archives. It’s a great weekly listen and like everything NPR does it’s amazingly well produced and thoughtful.

Smart PAssive Income Podcast CoverThe Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
I’ve played with affiliate marketing for years (long before the FCC made rules about it) and it’s fascinating to hear the stories of people who are finding success through passive income. My passive income checks are quite small and this podcast inspired me to grow that income.

Me Being Crafty Podcast CoverMe Being Crafty with Tsoniki Crazy Bull
Loving the message Tsoniki is putting out with her podcast. Her format is a bit more free-form week to week which works for me cause it’s about creativity in general and so far she’s had some great guests on the show talking about their creative roots and businesses.

Smart Creative Women Podcast CoverSmart Creative Women with Monica Lee
I’ve only listened to a couple episodes of this podcast and it’s pretty good so far. Don’t have enough under my belt to give it a solid review but worth adding to your list of options for sure!

Modern Sewciety Podcast CoverModern Sewciety Podcast with Stephanie Kendron
I’ve only listened to a few episodes but I’ve enjoyed the information I got out of them. Stephanie can get off topic with the guests but sometimes that leads to the most interesting information, which is usually the case when creative people getting off topic!

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs PodcastCoverInspiration for Entrepreneurs with Kimberly Geswein
Kimberly is no longer producing this podcast but it’s full of great little snippets from the perspective of a creative digital entrepreneur. I’m listening through the archives between other podcasts.
This podcast ended Dec 2014

Know of any podcasts I should also be checking out, suggest them in the comments?

Wishing Upon Spring Stars – A Finish

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

This quilt’s name had originally been Queen Terrain but someone (that’s me) was a little absent minded when she named it cause the measurements of the finish are not quite queen size. This quilt (unwashed) finished to 86″ x 86″ so I’ve needed to rename it but nothing sticks quite right so I guess Wishing Upon Spring Stars will have to do cause I am certainly ready for spring.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

But it looks so beautiful against the white snow that I can’t help but smile anyways.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

This beauty is based on a Moda Bake shop quilt: Charming Stars it’s made of Kate Spain’s Terrain line + Kona White. I added an extra row and column of star blocks and skipped the corner stones and added a thick green border to help ground the quilt a bit.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

It was the second quilt I ever started and we’ve gone through some turmoil, me and this quilt. It was packed away as a UFO for over a year, then I finished the top and sent it to the long arm to be quilted by Brenda at the Fabric Stash and then it proceeded to sit AGAIN for a year until I finally took the time to bind it.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

There’s a bit of emotion tied to this quilt too and now that life has changed I think it’s time to let this one go find another home. This will be the very first non-comission quilt I ever try to sell so we will see how that goes!

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

I used a mix of coordinating prints on the back with some creative piecing of some scraps of jelly roll and layer cake on the front.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

I had the longarm do a simple pano, I’d initially intended on something more custom and maybe hand quilting to make the stars pop but I made the right decision.

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

Does anyone else have that moment where you can’t take enough pictures of a quilt cause it makes your heart grow seeing is finished?

Wishing on Spring Stars - Full Size Quilt

The listing to purchase this quilt is on Etsy.

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Busy busy busy

Well, in a month we got about 100″ of snow fall here in Central MA. The snow does compact down quite a bit so the snow isn’t piled to the roof but it is a winter wonderland out there. So while having to deal with all that snow isn’t fun; let me tell you the view isn’t to be missed.

Beautiful winter landscape

It’s funny how much moving your home rocks your daily habits but I feel like I’m ready to get back into regular life groove. I got some time to sit at my sewing machine last week and finally finished the binding on the second quilt I ever started. Here’s a couple sneak peeks of the finish photo shoot.

Setting up the quilt photos

I’d asked the boyfriend to take me to a nice scenic location and we ended up having to trapse through deeper than expected snow without snow pants on (poor planning) but the photos were well worth it.

The boyfriend holding up the quilt

The rest of the finish photos will be up Friday!

I’m very excited cause this was one of the projects on my Finish Along 2015 Q1 list!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

PS. I’m putting myself through my own blogging boot camp so you’ll see some changes happening around here, the first one of switching out my theme is already here.

The Move

I will not apologize for not posting much this past week because I don’t feel bad about it. The move over the weekend went well, all things considered. My back is killing me, the pedometer says I did 127 flights of stairs from Thursday – Sunday (that’s just how many I went UP) and mother nature decided to dump an extra 10″ or so of snow Monday on top of the pre-existing 20″+ from the storm last Monday/Tuesday. Who doesn’t love moving between blizzards?

Goldfinch on Birdfeeder

On the bright side now that my backyard is an actual yard (not a major intrastate highway) we have a bird feeder. I enjoyed watching them mow down on all the seeds in the feeder during the storm Monday. I don’t know a lot about birds but the dear boyfriend has been teaching me, there’s goldfinch, chickadees and tufted titmice at the feeder most of the time and I’m getting better at distinguishing between them.

Chickadee trying to get some foods

The chickadee is trying to get some grub but the goldfinch are all like “Mine, mine mine.”

Tufted titmouse in the tree

Meanwhile the tufted tit mouse is just chilaxin in the tree. Before the storm hit we made another discovery, we have an unexpected neighbor. His name is Mr Fox.

Mr Fox in the neighbor's yard

Yup he’s not terribly far away (maybe 10 yards) from our back porch and seems to have a den buried under the snow. Being the “city girl” I was instructed that he is not bad cause he’s out during the day but since Abby, my new doggy roommate, goes loose in the yard that we need to be aware of what’s going on out there.

With this move I’ve gone from living by myself in a 1 bedroom apartment to living with the BF and doggy in a 3 bedroom house, and you know what that means, I HAVE A CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!

Craft room!!!

Unfortunately it’s really just the storage room for packed boxes. We have a lot of other things that need to get done before I can get the room all setup but with a couple deadlines in the future it won’t be long till I’m posting a “this is what my craft room looks like” post!

That being said I’ve done no crafting the past week and I’m jonesin’ for some action. What are you working on this week? Comment with a link to your latest project so I can catch up on everyone’s stuff!!

Lil Miss Penny Patch is Finished

Remember that time I joined a quilt along in 2013 with the intention of finishing the quilt before that Christmas? Well a year and month later I can finally say: She done!

I gotta say Lil Miss Penny (as I call her) is an absolute disaster. I know I’m my own toughest critic but between sloppy 1/4″ seams, not squaring up blocks and an ill attempt at a new quilt as you go technique (there’s some kinks to work out there) it’s literally full of mistakes! You know what all those mistakes add up to though? A warm cozy quilt. Do the mistakes even matter? I thought so when I looked at the quilt myself but when I looked at the photos I realized they’re barely visible.

I had my friend Katie hold Penny up for us, Brooke was trying to be helpful. Emphasis on trying.

I usually hand stitch my quilt labels on but this time I machine sewed it on and it looks great from both the front and the back that way so I this will be how I do them from now on.

I’m still really pleased with how the Farmer’s wife blocks look in the quilt. It adds just a little pizzaz. I really need to get started on my FWQ at some point. Can you keep a secret? There may be a quilt along to do some farmer’s wife in future, hopefully with giveaways! ;)

It felt really good to finally finish this quilt. Now to just figure out where it’s will call home.

Shabby Chic Shasta Lightning Bolt Camper Pattern Update

I couldn’t help but give it the longest title ever cause I love it so much :P I am so excited to share this latest update to my camper appliqué pattern, It’s subtle but now there’s a Shasta lightning bolt version of the camper.

Shasta Lightning Bolt Appliqué

I used this pattern update to work on my own appliqué techniques with my machine and while I can definitely improve on my small curves I still love the shabby chic look of this camper project.
Visit Terri Ann S’s Craftsy Pattern Store »

Go and download the pattern on Craftsy, till the end of February 2015 this pattern is 30% off and available for immediate digital download only $1.99.

About the Pillow

Shasta Camper Pillow Finished

To demo the appliqué update I used all fabrics from my scrap stash to make a pillow for my mom for her birthday (remember, 2015 is the pillow gift year.) I appliquéd the pattern onto Essex Linen in Natural using Heat n’ Bond lite and a mix of Gunternberg and Metler threads to do a zig-zag appliqué stitch.

Applique Camper Pillow

This is the first time I’ve used the really neat taper corner feature on my Pfaff machine. I’m happy with how it came out and I’m excited to practice this technique more with a couple upcoming projects this spring! (Jenn, I’m looking at you and your quilt on this one!!!)

Flange on pillow front

I used a 3/4″ strip of Kona white fabric, also from my stash, to add a flang to the pillow for a little extra detail. I love the look of the crisp white cotton against the natural linen. So shabby-chic pretty!

Happy birthday Mom!!

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